Fiat 500 2010 Upper Side and Trunk Stripes

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These Upper Side & Trunk Stripes wrap around the Fiat 500's Upper Body and Trunk sections. Available in numerous styles, and fully customizable
  • 3M Black
    Matte 022

  • 3M Black

  • 3M White

  • 3M Red

  • 3M Orange

  • 3M Yellow

  • 3M Green

  • 3M Blue

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For the reasons stated above, we will not accept returns simply because you change your mind when you receive them! Something to think about... If you were to take your vehicle to an Auto Body shop to be painted, then when you, go to pick up your car didn't like it. Do you think the Auto Body shop would refund you? Of course not, because the paint cannot be resold, just as most custom made to order items, CANNOT be resold!

So, we will not accept returns, or give refunds if you change your mind about the graphics, please be sure that what you order is what you actually want!

This is something we do not hear very often. However, when we do hear it, we find it very frustrating! The reason we find this so frustrating, is that we usually hear this statement from someone whom has an incorrect understanding of graphic vinyl films!

By definition, for a graphic film to be thin (like a trash bag etc.), it has to be Cast Vinyl! Cast Vinyl films, often referred to as high performance or premium vinyl films are usually 2 mil thick, these cast vinyl films supplied to us by 3M, Orafol, Avery, Arlon, are the thinnest films, and are also the highest performance films with a 7-12 year durability.

Thicker films (3 mil and thicker) tend to be of the Calendered Vinyl type, often referred to as economy, or intermediate vinyl. Calendered vinyl films are prone to shrinking, cracking, and have a much shorter durability rating (1-5 years). The reason for this is due to the extrusion process it goes through when manufactured. So the calendered vinyl film is always trying to return to its pre-extrusion state.

The exception to this rule is often wrap vinyl, wrap cast vinyl films tend to be thicker 3mil-5mil. However, the durability of wrap vinyl films is also less than that of High Performance 2mil Graphic Films, typically 3-5 years!

That being said, we have heard from a couple of clients that they have been to "Wrap Shops" and the "Wrap Shop", has told them that the vinyl is thin, not as thick as the stuff they use, etc. etc.

    Things to consider:
  • We are not selling wraps, we are producing, and selling Precision Cut Vinyl Graphics.
  • Wraps are usually installed dry, rather than wet, and wrap material has different properties in the adhesive, that allows for repositioning. Which is why "Wrap Shops" like Wrap Class Vinyl!
  • Wraps, usually are designed as temporary signage for vehiclesWraps, usually are designed as temporary signage for vehicles.
  • So you either want high quality Vinyl Graphics, that will last the life of your vehicle (as do OEM graphics), or you can go to a wrap shop, and get a temporary wrap.

Either way, we do not, and will not sell graphics made from Cheap Vinyl, Calendered Vinyl, or Thick Vinyl. We only produce products made from High Performance, American made, Cast Vinyl Films. Which, are usually 2mil.

If you have any doubts, you can always research what we have stated above!
We do not supply "Cheap, Low Quality" Vinyl, so we will not accept returns or give refunds for this reason.

Shipping Damage

Prior to shipping graphics, we photograph them for our records!

Upon receipt, all items should be inspected for defects or damage and "dry fitted" prior to being installed. General Installation instructions provided should be followed completely.

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WARNING ABOUT "BODY SHOP" INSTALLATIONS : Using a Collision Center, Auto Body Shop, or any such business will void all warranties on any vinyl graphic post installation, because of negligence in installation skills. No "defective" vinyl graphic product will be considered if a Body Shop was used for installation. Please contact us for assistance finding skilled installers in your area prior to installation of any vinyl graphic product.

    The following are not considered defects:
  • Bubbles underneath the vinyl once installed.
  • Creases in the installed vinyl.
  • Tears in the Installed vinyl.

Missing Parts

If, upon opening, and inspection of your received graphics kit/s, you notice that there is a piece missing, please take complete pictures of what you did receive, and contact us immediately.

We will then verify with our photographic records, and send you any missing pieces immediately.

Missing pieces are not grounds for a refund!